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  1. Also known as @daddy100 on Mortal Kombat X and All Blockchain exchanges/media

    I am a seasoned entrepreneur; god of the under-dogs and generally very amicable. This is an unfortunate website I have to put up because I do not have any social media presence. I refuse to join the faked-up validation of life people seek out of Social media; I'm new to Whatsapp too! Privacy please.

    Elder God in Mortal Kombat X. Street Fighter 4 Volt I've finished with every character. Total Arcade games lover.

    I am a Computer Scientist from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore (UET) and I am proud of my education and my degree. My university degree cost me $50 per month; and I'm thankful to UET Lahore and the Govt of Punjab for that. I have been running SMEs since I was 21 and I love how a small team of 5 can do wonders the third year of operations. I'm a bit hooked on starting and seeing through startups. Recent entry into the Blockchain world; I'm doing pretty well here!

    Self-employed, self-made, self-destructive & self-taught.

  2. Projects

    Business-wise, I follow the Sheikh rules:

    • All deals are good deals; otherwise no deal.
    • First year is spend; the second year is break-even; the third year is earning. (Hatti, chatti, Watti)
    • A utensil full of food does not make a rattling noise; empty utensils make a sound.

    My Projects:

    Torque Solutions PK

    Gallant Developers: Your Outsource partner for all software needs.

    SJA: Trading arm currently serving as the 1st physical Bitcoin Exchange in PK.

    Black & Gold: Your Full service ad-agency specialising in Complimentary printing.

    Torquesol UK Ltd

    Decentralized ID:A Blockchain Foundation focusing on securing people's IDs on the Blockchain.

    Fry-Wi: Captive Wifi Software. Running successfully all-over.

    Tapfer Technologies: IoT Software and Hardware contractors for the UK market.

    Torquesol AE

    ADme Wifi MX: Providing Wifi services to SMEs and corporates in Mexico.

    WifyZone AE: Providing Wifi services to SMEs and corporate in UAE.

    My Failed (but Loved) Projects:

    An ad-engine that doesn't track you and still provides a full impact for the advertiser. Patents held in Pakistan: CPV (Cost Per Viewership), All ads that run at the bottom of your screen.
    WMA UK
    First Pakistani business on Oxford Street, London. I was 24! It was exactly like running a local London business like a pub or a dry cleaners. I had fun.

    Blogs I'm writing:

  3. Contact

    Kindly respect my privacy and peace! If you've caught my attention on Telegram, some app or some event, please hold my attention and try to win me right there.

    All email Enquiries:
    a) By introduction from my team members
    b) Quick reply address: ps2san@torquesol.com

    All Telephone Enquiries:
    (I sometimes sit at the reception and can be caught in the act)
    +44 207 101 3390
    +92 42 3578 5574
    +971 4 513 5001

    I no longer accept postal mail.